Maja Vrčon (Slovenia/Advertising) and Ignacio Rodriguez (Spain/Education)

Maja Vrcon (Slovenia)

New entrepreneur: Maja Vrčon (Slovenia)
Company name: Bora SMM (Start-up)
Sector of activity:
Advertising, Promotion, Media

“After I finished my EYE exchange I’m even more determinate to reopen my business and start working as an entrepreneur-sole proprietor again. The Erasmus experience made me more confident and empowered me with knowledge how to start and successfully run my business as social media marketer.”

Ignacio Rodriguez (Spain)

Host entrepreneur: Ignacio Rodriguez (Spain)
Company name:
Coworking C (15 years of experience)
Sector of activity:
Education and training services

“Maja perfectly fitted our Nomad City project and contributed with her skills and knowledge in Social Media marketing to a successful performance of the Nomad City 2017. She learned a lot from me and my team how to properly run a social media campaign which will help her for her future business.”

Period of exchange: 04/2017 until 09/2017
Duration of exchange: 5,5 months

Maja Vron was working in advertising and PR for different NGOs especially with managing their social media platforms and keeping in touch with their public. All the time she was working as a freelancer on a contract. Later she opened her company but had to close it down shortly after due to lack of entrepreneurial skills and customers. She found out about the EYE program via IO and decided immediately to take part in it. She wished to take her skills and knowledge about social media marketing on a higher level and learn from the professionals and discover even more the digital marketing world.

Ignacio Rodriguez is an experienced entrepreneur who runs a company Coworking for 15 years. He discovered EYE program via social networks and decided to get involved as host entrepreneur. He wanted to share his experience with other international likeminded new or wannabe entrepreneurs with skills in coworking remote work freelancing and community building.  One of the most important HE’s projects Maja was involved was Nomad City – event dedicated to remote work and remote workers. Maja was enrolled since start so she had the opportunity to follow the whole process of the organizations setting the marketing strategy advertising etc. She was running social media platform for this project and so was able to get deeper insights on how global digital market works and learned a lot from Ignacio and other mentors working on a project.

For social media platforms she was creating content helping with strategical part of social media plan communicating with costumers analysing data setting the advertisements etc.  Maja got a deeper look in to how the global market works and had an opportunity to learn from different professional from the same field. New environment encouraged and motivated her to try new things and reopen and run her own business more successfully.

Ignacio got a valuable team-player and skilled new entrepreneur who contributed with her knowledge in social media marketing to a successful marketing campaign of the NOMAD CITY 2017 project.

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