What is the amount of funding?

The purpose of the financial support to the New Entrepreneurs (NEs) is to contribute towards travel costs to and from the country of the stay and subsistence costs (in particular for accommodation) during the visit. The financial support is paid by the Intermediary Organisation (IO) to which the NE submitted the original application. The amount of the financial support and related details are subject to an agreement between the NE and the IO.
Funding is available for stays up to 6 months abroad in total (which can be splitted in different stays with a minimum duration of 1 week). The minimum length of a total stay abroad to be eligible for funding is one month (or 4 weeks).

The maximum amount of funding can be calculated according to the following table:

Country of stay Maximum amount of funding per month, when staying in the country, in each of the following months (in Euro)
Albania 530
Armenia 610
Austria 900
Belgium 830
Bosnia-Herzegovina 560
Bulgaria 560
Croatia 720
Cyprus 780
Czech Republic 610
Denmark 1100
Estonia 670
Finland 950
France 900
Germany 830
Greece 780
Hungary 670
Iceland 900
Kosovo 560
Ireland 1000
Italy 900
Latvia 610
Liechtenstein 1100
Lithuania 560
Luxembourg 830
North Macedonia 560
Norway 1100
Malta 720
Moldova 530
Montenegro 560
Netherlands 830
Poland 610
Portugal 780
Romania 560
Serbia 560
Slovakia 610
Slovenia 720
Spain 830
Sweden 950
Turkey 750
Ukraine 530
Outer most European Regions 1100
New entrepreneurs with disabilities 1100

How to apply?
See our checklist for new entrepreneurs for help!