The programme in a nutshell


  • The New Entrepreneur (NE)and the Host Entrepreneur (HE) register on the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs website;
  • Intermediary Organisations (IOs) facilitate contacts and match-makings between the NE and the HE;
  • The activities of the IOs are coordinated by the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Support Office (SO);
  • Agreement of the parties involved (i.e. the selected NE, the HE and the IOs responsible) on the conditions for the stay abroad: the commitment on quality, business/work/learning plan, tasks, responsibilities, deliverables, financial conditions and legal implications;
  • Duration of the stay abroad: 1-6 months with the possibility to divide the stay into slots of 1 week spread over a maximum of 12 month;
  • Assessment and evaluation of the outcomes by the IOs responsible.

How to apply?
See our checklist for new entrepreneurs for help!