Checklist for New Entrepreneurs – 3 – Find a host entrepreneur

Find a Host Entrepreneur

③ Find your Host Entrepreneur

After your application is confirmed by your intermediary organisation (IO) you get access to the programme’s database with host entrepreneurs. You can start to propose a “match” to a host entrepreneur and host entrepreneurs can also propose a match to you.
Please note that the minimum distance for a cross-border exchange is 50 km. If the distance is shorter you are allowed to do an exchange under the EYE programme, but you will not receive funding for the stay.

Tips how to find a host entrepreneur:

  • You make use of the database and the support of your IO
  • Make use of contacts through fairs, conferences, social networks, etc. outside of the programme’s database and convince potential host entrepreneurs to register in the programme (if needed, ask your IO for support)
  • Check if you shall become member of an international entrepreneur association such as JCI
  • You learn how to do Business in the EU.
    Please be aware: If you contact potential host entrepreneurs (especially outside the EYE database) make sure that you do not start working or doing business with your contact before your relationship is established officially in the programme! The reason is that prior existing business relationships are not funded by the programme, as only new business relationships shall be supported.

Find a Host Entrepreneur