Support Organisations

Your local Intermediary Organisation (IO)

Your main contact throughout the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme will be your local contact point (IO). These entities are selected by the European Commission and they will guide you throughout your exchange: help you with your application, help you establish a successful relationship with a suitable entrepreneur as well as providing you with all the answers to your questions. You should choose an IO which is active in your region or in your country of residence. If you live in one of the few countries where there is no IO, you may want to register with an IO located in another European country of your choice.

Your IO offers help to prepare you for your exchange. For example IOs of the network offer individual consultancy and online tools such as the checklists and online coaching for new entrepreneurs.

Your IO will assess your application process. Once accepted, you will be able to search for an entrepreneur. A host entrepreneur’s IO will also offer local assistance to visiting new entrepreneurs during their stay.
A Support Office, established at the European level, cooperates closely with the European Commission and the local IOs to ensure the smooth running of the entrepreneur programme. This role is performed by EUROCHAMBRES, the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The Support Office is at your disposal for any general questions that you may have.

Email:; phone +32 2 282 08 66