Checklist for New Entrepreneurs – 2 – Application

Your Application

② Your Application

-First step: You identify and contact your Intermediary Organisation (IO) according to your permanent residence (see NE’s Participation) and consult them for any questions (see IOs of the OPEN-EYE network here).

-You can watch this video and/or consult the helpful registration guideline for the application.

-Register in the IT-Tool (database of the EYE programme).

-Please be precise about your motivation, as described in the guideline p. 7-8:

-You should reflect in your motivation:

-A real commitment to invest in a learning experience;

-A clearly identifiable commitment towards being an entrepreneur;

-Clear and well-defined learning needs;

-A willingness to contribute to the development of the host entrepreneur’s business and to make available your skills and competences.

Required documents for the application:

  • Curriculum Vitae, Europass format in English recommended
    • Obligatory information to check your eligibility for the programme: your current residence, your stays/occupation during the last 12 months without gaps
    • Please always include locations of your stays
    • Further information to find a suitable match: studies (if any), professional career, times as freelancer or entrepreneur (if any), your stays abroad (if any)
  • Scan of your ID card/passport
  • Business plan (English summary and complete version in own language or English)
  • If you have already founded your business, a proof of entrepreneurial registration is required.

The Business plan needs to include:

  • One page summary
  • Description of your product or service offered
  • Market analysis, definition of the target market, competitor analysis
  • Financial plan, estimated expenses and income in the following 2 years
  • Break-even analysis
  • SWOT-analysis

You can apply here
Need support? Ask your IO!

If your application fulfils the programme criteria, your IO will confirm it and you will get access to the programme’s database (IT-Tool).

Your Application