Checklist for New Entrepreneurs – 7 – When you are abroad

When you are abroad

⑦ When you are abroad

  • Rules regarding COVID-19
    • The NE must comply and follow the instructions by the HE about any preventive measures to be taken in the face of exposure to COVID -19, in the place where the exchange is carried out under the EYE Programme.
    • The NE needs to follow regularly official information by national public authorities of home and host region/country regarding measures related to the outbreak of COVID-19. We advise to use in addition the Re-open EU application to keep track of the situation:
      For Germany we recommend the website of Robert-Koch-Institut (RKI) and the information of the Federal Foreign Office
  • Disclaimer:
    Neither the IO nor SO, EC or EASME can be held accountable if the NE gets infected by COVID-19 during the exchange given that the destination country is the NE’s choice. If the country chosen has a high infection rate, we advise the NE to wait until the situation becomes more stable. As outlined in the financial agreement the NE bears the responsibility of having a valid health insurance according to programme rules. The programme does not cover health insurance and it is not the responsibility of the IO, EC, SO or EASME.

Should you have any questions or be unable to meet the requirements, please contact us.

You collect proofs of your actual stay abroad (original documents) at the Host by:

  • Submitting the original of Annex 3 of the financial agreement to your IO (signed by you and your HE)
  • Collecting one of the following types of original documents justifying your period(s) of the stay abroad:
    • Original Invoice of the organisation providing accommodation; the invoice must include the name of the NE and the exact duration of the stay
    • OR a written confirmation by the host person(s)(original document), who provide accommodation (including name of NE and exact period of stay and original signature of the host(s))
    • OR an original boarding pass of the airline and an invoice, which include name of NE and travel dates
    • OR original train tickets, which include travel date and name of NE (or signature of NE)
    • OR if the NE travels by car, an original petrol receipt for each journey (to and from) issued abroad and containing the date of travel

You get involved in the online coaching:

  • You participate in the online coaching, which accompanies your stay abroad
  • What is the online coaching?
    • It is about goal setting, implementation strategies, evaluation, and self-reflection
    • It is moderated by a professional online coach
    • It offers the opportunity to get in contact with alumni young entrepreneur


When you are abroad