Checklist for New Entrepreneurs – 7 – When you are abroad

When you are abroad

⑦ When you are abroad

You collect proofs of your actual stay abroad (original documents) at the Host by:

  • Submitting the original of Annex 3 of the financial agreement to your IO (signed by you and your HE)
  • Collecting one of the following types of original documents justifying your period(s) of the stay abroad:
    • Original Invoice of the organisation providing accommodation; the invoice must include the name of the NE and the exact duration of the stay
    • OR a written confirmation by the host person(s)(original document), who provide accommodation (including name of NE and exact period of stay and original signature of the host(s))
    • OR an original boarding pass of the airline and an invoice, which include name of NE and travel dates
    • OR original train tickets, which include travel date and name of NE (or signature of NE)
    • OR if the NE travels by car, an original petrol receipt for each journey (to and from) issued abroad and containing the date of travel

You get involved in the online coaching:

  • You participate in the online coaching, which accompanies your stay abroad
  • What is the online coaching?
    • It is about goal setting, implementation strategies, evaluation, and self-reflection
    • It is moderated by a professional online coach
    • It offers the opportunity to get in contact with alumni young entrepreneur
When you are abroad