Checklist for Host Entrepreneurs – 3 – Find a New Entrepreneur

Find a New Entrepreneur

③ Find a New Entrepreneur

  • When your application is confirmed by your support organisation (IO) you can start to build a relationship with a New Entrepreneur

  • How to find them?
    • You can make use of the programme’s database (called IT-Tool) and propose a “match” to a potential candidate, who is accepted in the programme, too
    • Your IO offers to guide you during the searching and matching process. Should there be an interested New Entrepreneur (NE), your IO will forward the proposal to you and reply to the counterpart your final decision.
    • Search for a NE outside of the IT tool (e.g. make use of contacts through fairs, conferences, social networks, etc.) and convince him/her to register in the programme (your IO can support you)

  • Not an employment relationship? Mind you that the EYE programme promotes business relationships between new (NE) and experienced entrepreneurs (HE). It is not an internship programme and there are no employment relationships foreseen, i.e. the programme expects entrepreneurs meeting on the same eye level. The NE receives an EU grant as a compensation of the extra costs (travel, accommodation, subsistence) resulting from the stay abroad. If you plan to support your NE additionally this is welcome, but please check first the national regulations (or contact your local contact point) so that you do not turn the business visit unintentionally into an employment relationship (regulated by minimum wage and other rules).

  • Prior existing (business) relationships are not funded. Please be aware that it is not allowed to have a prior business relationship or professional cooperation before your relationship isn´t accepted in the IT-Tool. Prior existing business relationships are not supported hence not funded by the Erasmus for Young entrepreneurs programme.

Find a New Entrepreneur