Emanuela Errica (Italy/Health and wellness) and Jose Vicente Gonzalez Fernandez (Spain/Health and wellness)

The NE has learned to define appropriate marketing strategies for her new business, expanding the network of contacts between professionals and companies in European veterinary sector.
She strongly encourages other young entrepreneurs to participate in the program, because it allows to grow both professionally and humanely.
For her, the feeling about the programme, is very positive, an opportunity to exchange experiences about your business and get to know new realities. Weiterlesen …

Frantz Ducci (Belgium/Horse Breeding) and Susanna Cremaschi (Italy/Horse Breeding)

This time, the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme brings us to explore the exchange between Frantz Ducci, from Belgium, and Susanna Cremaschi, from Italy, respectively host and new entrepreneurs.
Belgium is far over its clichés and has surprises in store for everyone. This is the case of a very specific sector in which Belgium stands as one of the main leaders in Europe; and probably only professionals and enthusiasts are aware about it. We are talking about horses and their breeding, training and trade. Weiterlesen …