Checklist for New Entrepreneurs – 6 – Insurances


⑥ Insurances

Check your coverage (abroad) through the following insurances:

1. Generally you need to make your own arrangements which might be necessary for the duration of your stay abroad concerning:

  • Health-insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Any other kind of insurance (legally required or otherwise)

2.  It is highly recommended that you have an European Health Card and to understand the level of              cover that this provides in the country you are travelling to.

3. Further questions to consider:

a) Did you already start your business, or are you already registered as an entrepreneur?

-If yes, You might cover your stay abroad under the reason “business travel”, please contact your health and other insurances and clarify this and what will be covered.

-If Not, You should contact your health and other insurances, and ask them for possibilities to cover your stay abroad for “mobility for learning purposes” without being declared as an internship.

b) Will your planned activities deal with particular risks?

– Ask the Host entrepreneur or his intermediary organisation to find out what is insured by the Hosts company or if any further insurance is required by yourself, to cover those risks.

Last things to do…

  • Read and sign the financial agreement and send it back to your IO
  • Confirm the final start date of your stay at the Host entrepreneur your IO