Checklist for Host Entrepreneurs – 1 – Participation

Host Entrepreneur’s Participation

① Host Entrepreneur’s Participation

+++ Your benefits: new ideas, new markets, new knowledge +++

You can participate in the programme, when:

  • You see the potential of future business collaboration and/or to internationalise your business through cooperation with a New Entrepreneur from one of the participating countries.
  • You are the owner-manager of a small or medium enterprise or a person directly involved in entrepreneurship at SME board level
  • You have been running a company for more than 3 years
  • You are willing to share your knowledge and experience with a New Entrepreneur and you are available to act as a mentor (an average of minimum 5 hours a week dedicated to NEs business development)
  • You want to have a business relationship with a New entrepreneur (and not with an intern)

What´s the difference?

The EYE programme promotes business relationships between new (NE) and experienced host entrepreneurs (HE). It is not an internship programme and there are no employment relationships foreseen – both entrepreneurs shall meet on the same eye level. The NE receives an EU grant as a compensation of the extra costs (travel, accommodation, subsistence) resulting from the stay abroad. If you plan to support your NE additionally this is welcome, but please check first the national regulations (or contact your local contact point) so that you do not turn the business visit unintentionally into an employment relationship (regulated by minimum wage and other rules).

Host Entrepreneur’s Participation