Checklist for Host Entrepreneurs – 5 – Start of your relationship

Start of your relationship

⑤ Start of your relationship

  • Rules regarding COVID-19: inform the NE about the preventive measures to be taken in the face of exposure to COVID -19 and provide the NE with the necessary equipment to implement these preventive measures, in the place where the exchange is carried out under the EYE Programme.
  • Disclaimer:
    Neither the IO nor SO, EC or EASME can be held accountable if the NE gets infected by COVID-19 during the exchange given that the destination country is the NE’s choice. If the country chosen has a high infection rate, we advise the NE to wait until the situation becomes more stable. As outlined in the financial agreement the NE bears the responsibility of having a valid health insurance according to programme rules.
  • Your IO will send you a letter of consent for signature, which informs you of all “rights and obligations” during the exchange.

  • You confirm to your IO the actual starting and ending dates of the stay (if changed to original plans) and planned dates of interruptions of the stay (if any)

  • Stay in contact with your IO in case of any problem or doubt


Start of your relationship