Checklist for Host Entrepreneurs – 4 – Create your Workplan

Create your Workplan



④ Workplan (Commitment)

After confirmation of your business relationship you prepare a common work plan (commitment) together with the New Entrepreneur.

The commitment has two objectives:

  • It allows you to manage expectations from both new and host entrepreneurs; we strongly recommend to discuss this in a Skype or telephone meeting
  • It allows intermediary organisations (IOs) and the European Commission to check, if the stay complies to the programme requirements, i.e. the commitment will be checked and approved from different parties

The workplan covers the following aspects, as described in our template for the workplan (commitment)

Example questions to prepare skype meetings with the New entrepreneur (NE):

  • Which expectations does the NE have towards the relationship? (so that they can be addressed in the commitment)
  • What can the NE contribute to your business?
  • How can you mentor the NE? (you should be ready to invest an average of minimum 5 hours a week dedicated to NEs business development)
  • How to balance the NE’s work on the own business plan and the contribution to your business?
  • What are your own expectations?

Create your Workplan