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Erasmus for young entrepreneurs is a European exchange programme, which supports the establishment of European business relationships among new and experienced entrepreneurs. Discover the (funding) opportunities of this European Programme – OPEN-EYE, a network of support organisations, is glad to assist you hereby. The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme offers new chances for existing entrepreneurs (hosts) and for new entrepreneurs. This website is an additional offer to the official Website of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme.

  • Expand your business
  • Enter other European markets
  • Get in contact with other entrepreneurs
  • Get some fresh ideas for your business
  • You have a business idea
  • You have decided to set up your own company
  • But you wonder… will it work?
Why host a new entrepreneur?

You can get input from the fresh ideas and new skills of a motivated new entrepreneur. You can tap into the knowledge of other European markets and develop your international contacts, without moving from your office. The exchange could be the starting point to find new opportunities for your business.

Why go on an exchange?

As a would-be or newly established entrepreneur, you can find yourself at crossroads. You need first hand guidance. On-the-job training with an experienced entrepreneur will help answer your questions and prepare you to run your own company successfully.

Open the checklist for host entrepreneurs, which guides you through the programme Open the checklist for new entrepreneurs, which guides you through the programme
read more about the Erasmus for Young entrepreneurs programme … read more about the the Erasmus for Young entrepreneurs programme …

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Masa Lancer
Maša Lancner
iManaLAB, Slovenija
Roberts Kaufiņs
Roberts Kaufiņš
FSQ Composites, Latvia
Giuliano Bartolomei
Fideas, Italy
Farnam Kavehei
Farnam Kavehei
Málaga, Spain
Victoria Gosling
The Reader Berlin , Berlin
Louna Sbou
Tunesisters Entertainment, Berlin
Gabrielle Sospiro
ECEPAA, Brussels
Alfonso Rodríguez Lecuona
Alfonso Rodríguez Lecuona
Bakata Solutions, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Marco Mazzoni
Ygoss Srl, Bologna
Alexander Fromm
Business Angel, Fulda