Javier González Expósito

Tivity, Spain

Javier is the founder of Tivity, a company, based in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain), that works in sustainable tourism and environmental projects. The services offered to the clients in all the Canary Islands are: trekking, excursions, guided tours, stargazing, gastronomic tastings, and tailor-made tourist activities according to the agencies’ client's interests. They offer not only services as a tour operator like: trekking, guided tours, stargazing, gastronomic tastings, but also other creative tourism activities like: training courses, language exchange, environmental education, sports and volunteer days, that put in value the natural and cultural heritage of the Canary Islands. They are committed to sustainability and social welfare and are a member of the Tenerife Tourism Sustainability Charter for Nature Activities. Javier has more than 7 years of experience like entrepreneur. He also participated in the EYE program like new entrepreneur with a successful experience with a company in Germany and in the following years he has become a host entrepreneur, with several successful exchanges with international new entrepreneurs.