Iga Gosiewska (Poland/Design) and Ignacio Rodriguez (Spain/Co-Working, Travel)

NE Iga Gosiewska and HE Ignacio Rodriguez

New Entrepreneur (NE)
Name & surname: Iga Gosiewska
Country: Poland
Age: 36
Sector of activity: Design
Have you already started your business? Yes.
Name of business: BrandIT
What is your future business? BrandIT identity solutions is location independent company which helps other companies to build and develop their brands. BrandIT services consists of design&branding, print&digital, web design and development and all this with strong emphasis on user’s experience.

Host Entrepreneur (HE)
Name & surname: Ignacio Rodriguez          
Country: Spain
Sector of activity: Co-working; Travel
Experience in running a business (in years): 14
Name of business/website: CoworkingC / www.coworkingc.com
What is your business? CoworkingC is a coworking space and coliving where an international group of freelancers and companies develop projects related to IT, E-Commerce, Online Marketing, Sports and more.

Period of exchange: 17/06/2019 – 18/10/2019
Duration of exchange: 4 months

How did Ignacio, the founder of a coworking and coliving space, benefit from the fresh input of young entrepreneur Iga from the design sector?

The main goal of this exchange was to open creative collaboration between Host Entrepreneur Ignacio Rodriguez and New Entrepreneur Iga Gosiewska. The NE and HE have almost the same target group (digital nomads + freelancers), so they developed great cooperation.

The objective of the NE Iga for her participation in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme was to learn about setting up, running and managing a new business and also to gain some specific technical skills which will be necessary for the process of developing her business idea. She further wanted to expand her leadership competencies and skills in networking and project management. Ignacio, by running CoworkingC, Coliving Canary Islands, and Nomad City Conference (a great festival for remote workers), has created a community that was exactly the target group for Iga’s business plan. Besides, living and working in a foreign country sounded like an interesting and mind-opening experience for her, which would bring up new perspectives and ideas.

Ignacio was motivated to share his entrepreneurial experience (during regular mentoring sessions) with new entrepreneur Iga as well as to engage her in designing processes and his daily business activities. He helped her to develop and implement design projects, but also to understand the target customers. Together, they took care of the organization and marketing efforts of the Nomad City event.

During the business collaboration, Iga was responsible for logistics and marketing support of the Nomad City event, for preparing visual materials as well as the social media stream. She also helped design materials for the coliving. Ignacio in exchange helped her understand the needs and priorities of target customers and supported Iga in graphic design and branding. He engaged Iga in many projects on a daily basis (during weekdays only and involved her frequently in teamwork. He also organized regular meetings Iga to evaluate processes and to give constructive feedback on her project.

Iga has achieved everything that was expected by Ignacio. She has helped improve the visual communication of the Nomad City Conference and Coliving, improving the experience of current colivers. Ignacio benefitted from the contribution through the creation and lifting of new brand identities and the visual communication of Nomad City and CoworkingC that Iga provided. He also received logistic support in Coworking and Coliving operations. The collaboration was so fluid and constructive that the two entrepreneurs want to continue to collaborate in the future.

Concluding Remarks

Iga Gosiewska (NE): “It has been a fantastic experience for both of us, Nacho Rodriguez is a great host.”

Ignacio Rodriguez (HE): “Iga helped to improve the visual communication of the Nomad City Conference and also the Coliving, improving the experience of current colivers”.