Josu Sanz Uriz (Spain, IT) and Aya Ftissi (Italy, Design)

HE Josu Sanz Uriz and NE Aya Ftissi

New Entrepreneur (NE):
Name & surname: Aya Ftissi
Country: Italy
Age: 22
Sector of activity: Design
Did you already start your business? No

Host Entrepreneur (HE):
Name & surname: Josu Sanz Uriz
Country: Spain
Sector of activity: IT
Experience in running a business (in years): 6
Name of business/website: Innwit,

Period of exchange: 14/06/2021 – 06/09/2021
Duration of exchange: 4 months

What benefits did their exchange hold for Spanish HE Josu and Italian NE Aya?

The NE discovered EYE through a friend of hers which introduced the project to her and it seemed really interesting. She decided to participate to improve her management skills and to learn new ones that would help her to ameliorate her future business. The benefits are that she learnt new skills from the HE like creating a webpage using wordpress, how Elementor works and where to search new concepts and introduce new ones.

The project activities have been successfully carried out. Both HE and NE from the beginning set out the division of work and the objectives to be achieved. The project has been an exchange of ideas and experience: the HE taught the NE the management of the technical team of an enterprise and how to manage the organization of projects in an organization/company. The NE put into action her communication skills to attract new customers to the enterprise reality. Moreover, she collaborated with the HE in some projects regarding his enterprise.

The HE and NE have the intention to cooperate in the future. Thanks to the HE’s experience, the NE learnt how to manage a project online, to come up with new ideas, how to create a website and editing it using WordPress and Elementor. The NE further learnt how to organize a process of a project and how to improve it. She improved her linguistic skills too.

The NE collaborated with the HE and shared with him her creativity and new ideas to put them into action for different projects. The NE established a relationship with some clients and helped the support team.

Aya Ftissi (NE): “I personally learnt a lot from this experience. I acquired new skills both professionally and personally. They will surely help me to improve my future business. It was a pleasure to take part of this project and I would recommend it to new entrepreneurs.”

Josu Sanz Uriz (HE): “I’m very happy with Aya. She helped us in our daily tasks and helped us to open social networks, get into contact with new clients, prepare documentation for our new website, and create the social media strategy for our software wpconfigurator.”

HE Josu and NE Aya, despite having to wear masks due to the corona virus pandemic, had a fruitful exchange