Anna Starzec (Spain/Translation and Interpreting) and Ewa Gonzalez Bravo (Poland/Translation and Interpreting)

New Entrepreneur (NE)
Name & surname: Ewa Gonzalez Bravo
Country: Poland
Age: 32
Sector of activity: Translation and Interpreting
Did you already start your business? Yes
Name of business/website: BRAVO CHEF! /

Host Entrepreneur (HE)
Name & surname: Anna Starzec
Country: Spain
Sector of activity: Translation and Interpreting
Experience in running a business: 12 years
Name of business/website: Anna Starzec, Traductora-Intérprete Jurada de Polaco

Period of exchange: 01.11.2020 – 28.02.2020
Duration of exchange: 4 months

How has Anna supported her NE to set up a translation agency?
The main objective of the New Entrepreneur (NE) was to set up her own translation agency. In order to do this the NE wanted to learn more about business management in this specific area. Another objective was to become a sworn translator that’s why the NE needed to develop language skills and translation techniques through learning from the expert and to connect with other companies in the European Union. The NE wanted to better understand the difference between rights, legal and tax system in the NE’s and the Host Entrepreneur’s (HE) countries which she considered absolutely necessary for a sworn translator. The main objective of the HE was to gain a better understanding of the Polish translation and interpreting market in order to participate more actively in it. The HE had been working basically for the Spanish market for 12 years. The HE is a Sworn Translator of Polish in Spain, so her main professional relationships were rooted in this country. The HE had recently received the title of Sworn Translator of Spanish in Poland, so her objective was to look for new opportunities and possibilities among Polish clients. The HE had chosen the NE who was developing her activity there in order to achieve that goal. The activities that were undertaken to reach the goals of both of the entrepreneurs included translation, interpreting, administrative tasks, contact with clients, market research, preparation of quotations.

The NE has been introduced to new working and business management techniques. She also became to know a new market, other legal and tax system and could compare them with systems from her country. In addition, the NE learnt about different aspects of a sworn translator’s work, both in Poland and Spain. The HE has been able to get to know a new market in the NE’s home country and to start expanding her activity there. Both, NE and HE, achieved all the objectives and goals established in the commitment.

NE: “During these four months, I was able to learn about key aspects of running a translation agency, such as marketing strategies and how to attract clients, different ways of pricing translations, translation techniques and the most common translation mistakes. It was also extremely important for me to learn about the fundamental aspects of the work of a sworn translator and how to effectively prepare for the exam. The participation in the programme allowed me to clear all my doubts about setting up my own translation agency.”

HE: “These four months of experience have been a turning point in my business. I have been able to introduce my business in a new market and, therefore, increase my income, diversify my services and expand my network of clients.”