Barbara Vogrinčič (Slovenia/Health) and Jasmina Apostolović (Netherlands/Health)

Jasmina Apostolović and Barbara Vogrinčič

Background information of NE  
Name & surname: Barbara Vogrinčič
Country: Slovenia
Sector: Health
Have you already started your business? Yes
Name of business: Blabla s.p.
What is your business? Speech and language therapist 

Background information of HE
Name & surname: Jasmina Apostolović
Country: Netherlands
Experience in running a business: 11 years
Sector: Health
Name of business: ISTO

Period of Relationship: 01.03.2019 – 30.04.2019
Duration of Relationship: 2 months

What lacks most of the speech and language therapists from Slovenia for their private practice? – Barbara found it during her EYE exchange

Speech and language therapists in Slovenia have restricted opportunities to develop business management skills due to the minimal business training received while studying. Consequently, speech and language therapists are finding it increasingly difficult to successfully manage or even start their own private practice. Because of a very small number of private practices in Slovenia, Barbara couldn’t fully develop or even set up her business management skills at home. She came across the EYE program as the opportunity to develop her business management skills and increase her practical knowledge in speech and language therapy in early intervention. Barbara mainly expeced to achieve the necessary skills for a smooth leadership of her newly established company, to gain international experience, and new professional connections.

On the host entrepreneur’s side, Jasmina Apostolović decided to participate in the programme because of the possibility of international exchange of knowledge. Before starting the EYE programme she wanted to get some international knowledge and share hers with young speech and language pathologist from abroad. At the beginning of her carrier, she very appreciated suggestions of more experienced professionals. Following that reason she also wanted to participate in the development of a new entrepreneur. She established her company in December 2009, but she has been a speech and language therapist since 1998.

Jasmina runs her business highly professional, enthusiastic and fully devoted. Her large diversified working schedule was inspiring to Barbara. It is an interesting example of the fusion of speech therapy and business. She included her in her day to day working time. Barbara was active in speech and language therapy and also in a manner of the business.
Together they established an idea of high-tech material for speech and language therapy and a working plan of realisation.

During Barbara’s exchange, she achieved to increase her management skills. Following that she felt more confident about it and she is now looking forward to run her own business with a new knowledge. Her host entrepreneur, Jasmina Apostolović, was especially delighted about exchanging international knowledge. During the EYE program, they established an idea and started to work on a joint SME Instrument project. Afterward, their collaboration will proceed.   

Concluding Remarks

Barbara Vogrinčič (NE): “Information “How to run your own business” I might get during studying management books. But to see a passionate and successful entrepreneur how he/she can manage everything to run smoothly, it is needed to be on the front-line. For a new entrepreneur it is very important to have connections and opportunities, which can help establish an enterprise and later on make it successful. EYE is one of the opportunities, which is good to exploit. Not only because of first-hand knowledge, but also because of business ties with companies abroad.”

Jasmina Apostolović (HE): “At the end of our exchange, we both share the exact same positive feeling about the EYE program. I find the EYE program highly professional and well organized. I was satisfied with Barbara’s ideas and with her work at my private practice ISTO. I would like to repeat the experience with another new entrepreneur, who would be interested in speech therapy in general.”