Luis Ander Cabrera Ansoleaga (Spain/Consulting) and Kristina Kočet Hudrap (Slovenia/Consulting)

Background information of NE
Name & surname: Luis Ander Cabrera Ansoleaga
Country: Spain
Status: Would-be entrepreneur/ Start-up
Sector of activity: Consulting

Background information of HE
Name & surname: Kristina Kočet Hudrap 
Country: Slovenia
Sector of activity: Consulting
Name of business / website: Tiko Pro /

Period of Relationship: 05/06/2019 – 05/08/2019
Duration of Relationship: 2 months

How did Luis improve his entrepreneurial skills during his stay abroad in Slovenia?  

I am Luis, the new entrepreneur, and I discovered the EYE through PROEXCA, a public institution, which, based on my profile and their experience with me, recommended the EYE programme to me. Once I had informed myself through ITC, my IO, and knew the potential this collaboration could give me in terms of learning how to be a better entrepreneur, I decided to participate in the EYE programme, where I met Kristina who gave me the opportunity to learn with her what is required to set up your own business.

During the exchange, I conducted analysis of funding opportunities of the biggest EU programme for research and innovation projects for known and selected clients and assessments of project concepts based on initial clients` input. I supported the development of Environmental EU projects, as part of the LIFE program, and also the SME programme. I have also participated in events where I had the chance of meeting potential future clients and where I could establish a network of contacts. Kristina has also supported me refining my idea that I would base my business on, with references on how she deals with one issue or another, sharing her “know how” with me. She has been a very open and friendly entrepreneur to work with, along with her personnel, and has always answered my questions in detail. I have also supported Kristina and her company with exploring new ways of approaching presentations.

My entrepreneur skills were greatly improved through work in all the branches of the company, as in marketing, sales, project development and others, which has allowed me to work more independently, efficiently and to adapt to unexpected change. I am certain that after this collaboration, our communication will continue, allowing for the share of business opportunities in Spain, Slovenia and Croatia, as well as Austria. My environmental awareness skills were also greatly improved, as working in other environmental projects helped me see problems my proposed project had, without me realizing at first.

Concluding Remarks 

Luis Ander Cabrera Ansoleaga (NE): “Learning from an entrepreneur, on how to run a company on a day to day basis, and on how to apply it for my own future business has been one of the most enlightening experiences of my life.”

Kristina Kočet Hudrap (HE): “As a host entrepreneur it is great to get the opportunity to work with an energetic new entrepreneur, who brings fresh views, new skills and knowledge in our company.”