Edita Jukniute (Spain/Real estate) and Jūratė Andrijauskienė (Lithuania/Real estate) – Corona Story

Jūratė Andrijauskienė and Edita Jukniute

How can Edita continue working as a real estate agent?

When you hear news about disasters and illnesses on TV, it seems that things are so far away. Yeah, there’s China, it’s different. And, unexpectedly, it turns out that things are much more closer than I imagined. So, the virus came to Lithuania too. The children no longer go to school, the parents stay with the children at home, and I am in the final period of my project.

Call it a shock or a surprise? What should my next step be? Unexpectedly, I had to go over the details of my plan. Health matters because if there is no health there will be no business. So I personalized my own office in the apartment I live in. Then the next step was to create a work plan with my HE that was not only open to my ideas but also offered very useful communication tools. So we started working remotely. We use the technique not only for interpersonal communication but also for conversations with clients. Replaced regular meetings with potential clients by video conferencing. Customers also stayed at home, which even had a positive side, we had more time to communicate and were not limited by their daily routine.

In my business, the corona virus has had a major impact, restricting travel, diminishing tourism, forcing investors to review plans and suspend operations for a period of time. However, my business is a long-term investment, and during this period it is important not to stop and move closer to the results. At this moment, we decided to take advantage of the situation and not focus on the results but on the market analysis and adaptation. The most important thing is to understand the customer’s needs and meeting them. In this situation, I could benefit from my HE’s experience and from modern technology of nowadays.

Working from a distance has its advantages and disadvantages. Working in your own environment gives you a lot of confidence and makes it easier for you to communicate with your clients. But the routine is very important because it is easier to lose focus at home. To prevent this from happening, I set myself a strict routine, strict meal and rest hours and strict working hours. It is only by following the agendas that the same productivity can be maintained. The corona virus situation today is rather uncertain, and we have continued to focus on short-term goals. We set goals for weeks and goals for each day. And at the end of the day, reviewing and evaluating the results is very important. As a recommendation, I would like to emphasize that discipline is very important. Setting the right goals, following your routine, results not only in your desire to work but also in your mood and self-confidence. Modern technologies enable us not only to communicate remotely, but also to sign documents and do business right from home. When my clients see that they can do business remotely, when they have been contacted individually and explained the possibilities of signing in and out of home with all the technology without needing to go home, that has positively determined my clients and will definitely choose my services in the future.

Best wishes, Edita