Luis Moreno (Spain/Retail) and Alex Whiteland (UK/Retail)

Luis Moreno and Alex Whiteland

Background information of NE
Name & surname: Alex Whiteland
Country: UK
Sector of activity: Retail

Background information of HE
Name & surname: Luis Moreno
Country: Spain
Sector of activity: Retail
Experience in running a business: 10 years
Name of business/website: HANDMADE ® BARCELONA /

Period of Relationship: 15/08/2019 – 31/10/2019
Duration of Relationship: 2,5 months

How did Luis Moreno and the team of his business HANDMADE ® BARCELONA improve their skills in video content creation?

Alex Whiteland is an entrepreneur from the United Kingdom with a strong passion for environmental and ethical responsibility within the business world. Having just graduated from University, he was looking for a new challenge. He discovered the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program, and through that Handmade. The program pairs young entrepreneurs with more experienced ones, who can offer hands-on experience to help bring back to the young entrepreneur’s own company. Handmade’s brand history and values instantly resonated with Alex, and he wanted to get involved straight away to see what he could learn.

Alex has focused on creating digital content for Social Networks, Website and the experience activities the company offers on AirBnb and other tourism platforms.

Apart from that, Alex, under his own initiative, took the role of connection manager, acting as a human connector between the 25+ girls working on the shop and the founding team of 3 people.

Thanks to Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, both parties have managed to grow and improve at different levels, from marketing skills to human resources management. Alex has confirmed his intentions on becoming an entrepreneur on the retail sector and has discovered how good he can be when creating viral content through videos, something he had never done before.

Luis (the HE) and the rest of the founding team have not only improved dramatically when it comes to video content creation but also on the difficult side of managing the big team of girls working on the shops in high season.

Both sides agree in that the benefits accomplished during these months would have never been attained otherwise, leaving aside the fun and interesting experience at a personal level.

Alex Whiteland: “I could not be more happy about this exchange. It really opened my eyes on the difficulties of having a retail business, but in a good way. I am now more motivated than ever to become an entrepreneur as soon as I come back to my country.”
Luis Moreno: “As always, this program brings amazing people, with an incredible energy, and every exchange is a total success both professionally and personally speaking. We will definitely go for our 9th entrepreneur as soon as possible.”