Andrea Saccà (Spain, e-commerce) and Emilio Salerno (Italy, Healthcare and Beauty)

HE Andrea Saccà and NE Emilio Salerno

New Entrepreneur (NE):

Name & surname: Emilio Salerno
Country: Italy
Age: 27
Sector of activity: Healthcare and Beauty
Did you already start your business? Yes
Name of business/website: Cura il tuo Corpo
What is your future business?

Host Entrepreneur (HE):

Name & surname: Andrea Saccà
Country: Spain
Sector of activity: E-Commerce
Experience in running a business (in years): 10
Name of business/website: Bhoose Hosting SL
What is your business?

Period of exchange: 27/04/2022 – 26/07/2022
Duration of exchange: 3 months

When two experts in e-commerce meet:

Emilio Salerno (NE) is a young entrepreneur and owner of, an Italian website operating in the beauty and healthcare industry.

Andrea Sacca (HE) is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Bhoost Hosting SL, Ecommerce Proof, Homazing Design, Orologio Parete, Beecommerce and, the first and biggest Italian blog regarding Magento.

Andrea and Emilio came in contact with social networks (Facebook) and they decided to participate in order to share knowledge between each other in their respective fields of competence (Andrea is an expert in digital marketing and Emilio is an expert in the technical part and IT regarding e-commerce).

The expected benefit was to create an innovative ecommerce and start selling with online marketing campaigns and organic traffic.

Emilio and Andrea created an e-commerce with the goal to sell beauty products and expand Emilio’s company offer to the market.

Andrea took care of the technical and IT part, while Emilio created the marketing campaign on the main platforms such as Facebook, Google and TikTok to bring traffic to the e-commerce (both paid advertising and organic traffic).

Emilio deepened his technical knowledge about e-commerce and Andrea learned marketing strategies to promote and sell products online.

Emilio learned about the fundamentals of an e-commerce backend system (domain, hosting, page speed, ecc) and Andrea learned the main strategies used to create an online marketing campaign to promote products.

The collaboration was great and the plan is to continue the relationship between Andrea and Emilio in order to increase sales and expand the company in the whole European market.

Concluding Remarks

Emilio Salerno (NE): “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible”

Andrea Saccà (HE): “Your network is your net worth”