Giulia Celli (Italy, Education) and Jonathan Pochini (Spain, IT and Education)

NE Giulia Celli and HE Jonathan Pochini

New Entrepreneur (NE):

Name & surname: Giulia Celli
Country: Italy
Age: 30
Sector of activity: Education
Did you already start your business? No

Host Entrepreneur (HE):

Name & surname: Jonathan Pochini
Country: Spain
Sector of activity: IT & Education
Experience in running a business (in years): 10
Name of business/website:
What is your business? E-Learning website

Period of exchange: 14/07/2022 – 16/11/2022
Duration of exchange: 4 months

When two entrepreneurs passionate about learning meet:

The participants of the exchange were the young entrepreneur Giulia Celli and the host Jonathan Pochini.

Jonathan and Giulia got to know each other on a Facebook group for remote travellers and entrepreneurs, where Giulia asked for her business. On that occasion, Jonathan decided to contact Giulia and to introduce her to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme.

Jonathan was impressed by Giulia’s enthusiasm for English teaching, especially for her passion around English pronunciation and understanding of the most common mistakes made by native Italian English learners.

Giulia found Jonathan’s business,, very attractive: an e-learning website and platform with a course of over 300 lessons, grammar materials and articles.

Giulia wanted to collaborate with Jonathan to contribute to the growth of the English e-learning platform and to gain a better understanding of the needs of Italian native English learners.

Jonathan saw the collaboration with Giulia as an opportunity to improve the content on his platform and his business.

Both worked together to improve the pre-existing main English course, as well as to develop new courses, develop and promote new marketing assets: YouTube Videos, blog articles, newsletters and sales funnels. Both also worked together to understand the target audience better by conducting interviews and doing market research.

Jonathan and Giulia are exploring ways of cooperating together in the near future. During the exchange, Giulia could develop skills in content creation, video making and newsletter planning.

Concluding Remarks:

Giulia Celli (NE): “I would recommend this experience to anyone looking to start or further develop their own business. Working alongside a more experienced entrepreneur was pivotal in shaping my business vision and enabled me to take the step to become self employed.”

Jonathan Pochini (HE): “I recommend this exchange to anyone looking to expand their knowledge of entrepreneurship, widen their perspective with new ideas, and find valuable coworkers. It has been invaluable in helping me refine my business vision, shaping my long-term strategy, and advancing the development of my business.”