Estefania Fuentes Mederos (Spain/Wellness) and Dietmar Goetz (Portugal/Entertainment)

New Entrepreneur (NE)
Name & surname: Estefania Fuentes Mederos
Country: Spain
Age: 34 years
Sector of activity: Wellness
Did you already start your business? Yes
Name of business: Estefania
What is your future business? My business is about conscious coaching on self-care and an attractive communication lifestyle. It focuses on guiding people to break through their old habits and break free from their fears which are holding people back from living a healthy and attractive lifestyle. People building and growing their inner self-esteem is the key to every conversation they have including with themselves.  

Host Entrepreneur (HE)
Name & surname: Dietmar Goetz
Country: Portugal
Sector of activity: Media and Entertainment
Experience in running a business: 35 years
Name of business & website: Uresnet Unipessual LDA /
What is your business? The is an online TV channel for Small Medium Enterprises to help them to perform the same way as The Big Players based on a much smaller budget. It focuses on promoting and positioning peoples’ services and products on tv, radio and social media by interviewing and creating events in other peoples’ locations to promote them.

Period of exchange: 03/08/2020 – 29/01/2021
Duration of exchange: 6 months

How did Estefania, a young entrepreneur from the wellness sector, profit from her business exchange with Dietmar, who leads a business in the entertainment industry?

Estefania is a young author who focuses on coaching for freedom and self-love. She is a woman who is passionate about enjoying life and loving herself. She likes to make her own decisions and share her experiences with others. Her purpose is to know at all times what her needs are and to create practical solutions and find wise opportunities in her life that allow her to make the decisions that she wants. She knows when she is ready to take the next step and find opportunities that bring new experiences and wisdom to her personality. She believes that every human being deserves to be happy and inspired in every moment of their life from the moment they are born until they die. And that is why Estefania has created a film during the Erasmus program called Libre Para Siempre (“Free forever”) that will be released on 21 June 2021. Estefania’s goal is to make a movie out of the documentary that she has been doing in Portugal. That is why she would like to raise 100.000 € through a crowdfunding campaign and to spread her story worldwide on how and why she overcame her own victim and bullying experiences.

Dietmar is originally from Germany and moved to Portugal 5 years ago. He loves the lifestyle there, which is similar to life in Spain, where Estefania comes from. Dietmar’s business is well connected with investors and entrepreneurs around the world throughout the media and entertainment field to help and grow other people’s business with a sense of humor. He is a member of the BNI network (International Business Network worldwide). He films every product and service and interviews business owners through his Youtube channel and show called NIGHTFLY. This show is designed to present and launch other’s businesses. Dietmar’s goal is to launch a new educational program based on memory games to help children and support adults to be more visionary and let their creativity design the life they want to live.

Estefania heard about the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program through the University of La Laguna in Tenerife. She then contacted ITC, which was her IO on The Canary Islands.

Dietmar got to know about the program through Cris Barton, the coordinator of the British Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in Lisbon, Portugal.

Estefania got in contact with some companies through the EYE online platform but was finally addressed by the British Portuguese chamber of commerce, which introduced her to Dietmar who was willing to mentor her in the entertainment field, to give her business a different approach and to get her in contact with sponsors, investors and other entrepreneurs. They both agreed to the business relationship. They share a passion for singing and helping others to speak and stand up for themselves, which is why they connected very well from the beginning on.

Although Estefania was supposed to start in March 2020 her exchange in Portugal, they waited till August 2020 to start their collaboration due to Covid-19. From March till August 2020, Dietmar and Estefania stayed in touch through Skype and organized a TV show called NightFly show, where Dietmar first interviewed Estefania in order for her to present herself to the world and to share how and why she chose to stop listening to the doctors and went through a healing process designed by herself to cure an illness she had. 

During the exchange, Dietmar and Estefania traveled around Portugal to film and interview business owners and to see what kind of services and products they wanted to promote. Then they arranged a day and time to go to the business locations to make a short film showing the entrepreneurs’ products and services and promoting them on social media.

The most memorable things during the exchange were their enjoyment and satisfaction of filming, promoting and meeting people every day and sharing stories, food, culture and living lifestyle. Estefania further felt like a star because she was creating a documentary based on her own very intimate personal life. She also got to create a new brand for her business called BITEME, focusing on a massage technique similar to Acupuncture, but without using needles.

Dietmar was very enthusiastic that Estefania inspired him to break free from his own judgments and to start singing on his tv shows and during his filming. He created a brand inside called “Sound Love Inspiration”, which focuses on unlocking people’s voices by singing freely and expressing what they want to say through singing.

Estefania had a great time in Portugal, because she made new friends and visited a lot of places while filming her documentary with Dietmar and other entrepreneurs. It was easy to get along with Portuguese people because she took the initiative to speak in Spanish with them and to learn to understand Portuguese within these 6 months. Due to many experiences abroad, she was already used to living in different places and countries and to meeting people there. She is a very opened minded and very supportive girl who always likes to have conversations with people in order to find out the best way to help them.

Estefania and Dietmar not just achieved what they had planned, but they even helped each other’s businesses to be more authentic – by working on themselves first. On the one hand, Estefania has been encouraged by Dietmar to communicate openly and calmly her stories in front of a camera and to speak in the flow and communicate precisely what she wants to say. On the other hand, Estefania guided Dietmar on asking his partners the right questions to find out if they are the right people to help and collaborate with through a business partnership. Now, Dietmar has signed several contracts with some entrepreneurs for collaborative work and created a community called BNI Ericeira.

Dietmar and Estefania did not just become partners during this program but developed a business partnership that will support both forever. They will be working together in the future through the movie that Estefania and Dietmar are organizing.

Concluding Remarks

Estefania Fuentes Mederos (NE): “I learnt to communicate with confidence in front of a camera and to negotiate with sponsors to create win-win situations. This program is not a program – it’s an experience and helps you be clear in your mind and heart about what is that you want to offer to the world. I can’t be more grateful for all the people I met and all sponsors I found who believed in me and supported me in building my value proposition to investors.”

Dietmar Goetz (HE): “I am a very proud host of Estefania. When she came here, she already had a lot of skills and we had plans on how we can structure everything. Some of the plans were changed in the doing – in a very good way actually. I would like to say that this was a big asset for the company and for me too. Estefania was really growing; I saw this on a daily basis. So, this was a personal development for her too and for my company it was great. It was a great time! We will stay in touch and organize some other things in the future, even when she is back in Tenerife. She also introduced me to parts of her network, which I was really happy with – to have new contacts and expanded businesses and more partnerships. I am really thankful for having had this opportunity. It’s a great thing having this Erasmus program, so I can urge really everybody to be a part of it and bring your skills. I am happy and a very proud Erasmus host.”