Rainer Nässling (Spain/Construction sector and real estate) and Minh Tuan Nguyen (Czech Republic/Construction sector and real estate)

New entrepreneur Minh Tuan Nguyen (Lukas) and his host Rainer Nässling in front of the office

New Entrepreneur (NE)
Name & surname: Minh Tuan Nguyen (Lukas)
Country: Czech Republic
Age: 27
Sector of activity: Construction sector and real estate

Host Entrepreneur (HE)
Name & surname: Rainer Nässling
Country: Spain
Sector of activity: Construction sector and real estate
Experience in running a business (in years): 23
Name of business/website: Koti Auringossa S.L. / www.kotiauringossa.com

Periods of exchange: 14/09/2019 – 17/12/2019 and 03/01/2020 – 31/03/2020
Duration of exchange: 6 months

How could Rainer benefit from Lukas’ skills to transform his business to a digital future?

Rainer (HE) and Lukas (NE) started their exchange last September in Fuengirola, close to Málaga in Spain and they finished in March after a short break of their exchange in December.

Rainer taught Lukas the strategy of rentals and how to sell the properties. As a host, Rainer focused his tutoring on selling and for the first time, Lukas dealt with selling processes which brought benefits for both sides.
What Lukas realized during the exchange and learned from Rainer was something which they did not foresee before the exchange: “leadership”. For the real estate market this skill is one of the most important and the opportunity to learn about it arose with the arrival of new employees during the exchange. The host entrepreneur wanted to show Lukas how to lead his own future employees by entrusting him responsibility for the new employees. Lukas was able to tutor them during the rest of his stay thanks to Rainer’s support. This experience was very useful and he learnt how to be a leader in his own company one day.

Lukas improved his language skills by using English in daily communication with others co workers and clients and was also attending a Spanish language course. The best way how to learn Spanish is using it in practise. In addition, Lukas has been introduced to the Spanish culture and knows better the mentality of the Spanish customers. So, he knows now how to make his future customers satisfied.

Rainer Nässling also benefitted of the cooperation and this was in a lot of ways. For example, Lukas supported him in exchanging previous paper advertisement to digital ads, to touch screens and digital images. Lukas also helped his host to renovate the properties for sale which were empty and non-rentable for a long time. At the begining, Rainer used only photos to show properties to his clients but Lukas started to make videos, so clients were able to have also a virtual tour of the properties. Lukas also took care of the Facebook page where new properties and company’s events were posted. One of Lukas’ goals was to know how to take and edit photos of properties. Rainer provided him with a photography course in order to help to take and edit pictures for new properties.

Together they worked on the marketing strategy and on how to find new properties to increase the portfolio. Lukas actively looked for the properties and contacted them. The newly digital screen ads also helped to find properties in a more comfortable and attractive way.
Both entrepreneurs started the process of future cooperation. Both were looking for new properties in Spain and also in Czech Republic. In the meantime, NE was also working on his own website and on the connection between NE and HE webpage so they can share and exchange clients, experiences, information and properties for both markets.
Rainer and Lukas are satisfied with their exchange and the benefits on both sides which their cooperation brought to each other.