United States (EYE Global)

For information on EYE Global see also www.eyeglobal.eu

Entry and residence requirements

Immigration  www.usa.gov

Working in the US

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services  www.uscis.gov
Labour laws and issues  www.usa.gov/labor-laws

Social insurance

Social Security in the US  www.ssa.gov 


Health insurance in the US  www.usa.gov/health-insurance


Flat-sharing  www.spareroom.com  
Flat-sharing  www.roomgo.net
Renting  www.rent.com

For further information see global parts of “Accommodation section” in EU-wide Information directory

Country information

Official tourist portal of New York https://www.nyc.gov/
Official tourist portal of California https://www.ca.gov/visiting/ 
Official tourist portal of the USA  www.visittheusa.com

For further information see “Culture section” in EU-wide Information directory

Last edited 11/23