Checklist for Host entrepreneurs

 Host Entrepreneur’s participation

+++ Your benefits: new ideas, new markets, new knowledge +++

You can participate in the programme, when:

  • You see the potential of future business collaboration and/or to internationalise
     your business through cooperation with a New Entrepreneur from one of the participating countries
  • You are the owner-manager of a small or medium enterprise or a person directly involved in entrepreneurship at SME board level
  • You have been running a company for more than 3 years
  • You are willing to share your knowledge and experience with a New Entrepreneur and you are available to act as a mentor
  • You want to have a business relationship with a young entrepreneur (and not with an intern)


  • You identify and contact your intermediary organisation (IO) in your country and consult them for any questions (see our IOs of the OPEN-EYE network here)
  • You can consult the helpful registration guideline for the application

For the application you provide the following:

  • Your (English) CV that shows your entrepreneurial experience (e.g. foundation date of your company)
  • the application profile, which is part of the registration process in the programme; In the profile you describe:
    • your entrepreneurial experience
    • your activity that will give a New Entrepreneur relevant learning opportunities
    • how you want to work with the New Entrepreneur towards developing his/her entrepreneurial skills and know-how (e.g. sharing experience and acting as a mentor)
  • In some cases we need a proof that you are the owner of your company

You can apply here
Please be aware that the programme does not accept, when staff applies for you instead.

Your IO is available for support and help! Find your IO in your country

Find your New Entrepreneur

  • When your application is confirmed by your support organisation (IO) you can start to build a relationship with a New Entrepreneur
  • You can make use of the programme’s database and propose a “match” to a potential candidate, who is accepted in the programme, too
  • You can choose in your profile, if you want to publish your contact details in the database, only part of them, or only the contact details of your IO
  • Not a prior existing business relationship?
     Please be aware: If you are in contact with potential New Entrepreneurs (especially outside the EYE database) make sure that you do not start working or doing business with your contact before your relationship is established officially in the programme. The reason is that prior existing business relationships are not funded by the programme, as only new business relationships shall be supported.
  • Not an employment relationship? Mind you that the EYE programme promotes business relationships between new (NE) and experienced entrepreneurs (HE). It is not an internship programme and there are no employment relationships foreseen, i.e. the programme expects entrepreneurs meeting on the same eye level. The NE receives an EU grant as a compensation of the extra costs (travel, accommodation, subsistence) resulting from the stay abroad. If you plan to support your NE additionally this is welcome, but please check first the national regulations (or contact your local contact point) so that you do not turn the business visit unintentionally into an employment relationship (regulated by minimum wage and other rules).

Workplan (Commitment)

After confirmation of your business relationship you prepare a common work plan (commitment) together with the New Entrepreneur.

The commitment has two objectives:

  1. It allows you to manage expectations from both new and host entrepreneurs; we strongly recommend to discuss this in a skype or telephone meeting
  2. It allows intermediary organisations (IOs) and the European Commission to check, if the stay complies to the programme requirements, i.e. the commitment will be checked and approved from different parties

The workplan covers the following aspects, as described in our
template for the workplan (commitment)

Example questions to prepare skype meetings with the New entrepreneur (NE):

  • Which expectations does the NE have towards the relationship? (so that they can be addressed in the commitment)
  • What can the NE contribute to your business?
  • How can you mentor the NE?
  • How to balance the NE’s work on the own business plan and the contribution to your business?
  • What are your own expectations?

Start of your relationship

  • You confirm to your IO the actual starting and ending dates of the stay (if changed to original plans) and planned dates of interruptions of the stay (if any)
  • You get in contact with your IO in case of any problems

After your relationship

  • You complete the feedback report in the database (which is mainly a questionnaire) (please complete the report in one go as the database has no cache memory)
  • You want to have a further relationship with another New Entrepreneur? Get in contact with your IO about this!
  • If you feel the exchange is a success use the channels of the EYE programme to promote your success story (contact your IO for more details)