Jan Bathel

Ignore Gravity, Berlin

Entrepreneur, curator, organization hacker, creative space explorer and business developer for border-crossing activities. Interested in innovative approaches to securing the future viability of organizations between the poles of art, leadership and organizational development. Jan studied art, economics and philosophy. He´s the founder of the Berlin-based strategy studio Ignore Gravity (www.ignore-gravity.com) and co-publiser of “REVUE - Magazine for the Next Society” (www.revue-magazine.net). His Expertise for today? Mindful leadership programs in an entrepreneurial society, organizational development for new ventures, third place-design, accelerator program-design & executive coaching. The doors of his company "ignore gravity" are always wide open for people who want and need to ignore gravity in other contexts. With his network he has hacked organizations in different ways: designed & facilitated strategy workshops, labs, accelerators, incubators, (un)conferences, art exhibitions, third places, merger processes, learning journeys and innovation camps.